Don't Try This At Home: Lash Lifts

Sugarlash PRO Lash Lift

We have all seen the videos on TikTok and Instagram of people performing their own lash lift procedures at home, with kits they have purchased online. These short clips have made it seem like the process of performing a lash lift is simple and something that can be done by anyone with a kit and instructional manual. In reality improper use or even a little misstep could result in a trip to the emergency room. During this global pandemic, some of your clients may have performed at-home lash procedures. While we understand it might be tempting to do D.I.Y. lash lift - desperate times call for desperate measures - it is important to educate your clients on the dangers of performing these procedures without proper training and certification.

Lash Lift Preparation

When working around the eyes it is important to remember that this is an extremely sensitive area. Lash technicians trained in lash lifts have spent time learning how to properly apply and remove lash lift solutions, doing their best to ensure they do not irritate the area. If your clients are performing these procedures at home, they are most likely working in a space that is not properly sanitized and without access to the tools that a trained lash technician would have. A clients lack of training or understanding about lash lifts could result in complications including mild to severe eye irritations, infections in & around the eye, damage to the lashes, and damage or loss of eyesight. 

Lash Lift Procedure

Along with the potential damage that your client may do to their eyes, remind them that you have access to the best of the best when it comes to solutions and tools! Unless your clients are knowledgeable in the world of lashes and lash lifts, they might not be aware that there are unregulated ingredients that make their way into many solutions sold online.  

Lash Lift Procedure

We understand the temptation to give yourself a lash lift, but we have all witnessed the results of a bad boxed hair dye and we definitely do not want to see an at-home lash lift gone wrong! So we recommend turning to the professionals when it comes to all things lashes. If your clients feel the need to amp up their lashes at home here are a few of our recommendations:

+ Try using a lash growth serum 
+ Use a heated lash curler and volumizing mascara
+ Practice using strip lashes

The risks are definitely not worth the rewards - especially when it comes to lash lifts. So stay safe and leave the lash lifts to the professionals! 



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