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The Dirty Truth: Serums VS Lash Extensions

Alycia Benson —

Who doesn’t want beautiful, full lashes? We’re here to tell you the truth about lash growth serums vs extensions and which option might suit your needs best.

Summer (Adhesive) Love: Optimize Your Adhesive for ANY Environment!

Megana Ramaswami —

The weather’s getting a LOT warmer — which means summer’s just around the corner! Which means beach time, vacations, festivals, playing outside, and… changes to your adhesive performance. But...

Ask the Educators: What's the best way to optimize my adhesives?

Megana Ramaswami —

You’ve ordered a great new adhesive that promises the fastest, strongest hold and the best results — then you get it, and it doesn’t work exactly how . Maybe...

Which eyelash adhesive is best for you?

Ashley McIntyre —

Since the inception of eyelash extensions, lash artists have toiled to find an adhesive with thin consistency, perfect grab, and lasting retention—well, we imagine they have, anyway. The...

The Best Eyelash Extension Adhesives

Ashley McIntyre —

The secret to bold, beautiful, and luxurious lashes? It’s in the glue. Choosing the right lash extension adhesive is one of the most important considerations when applying false...

10 Things your lash artist wants you to know

Ashley McIntyre —

As a lash client, you already know a few important things—to always have a clean spoolie on hand, that no mascara is the best mascara, and any service...