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Top 10 Lash Artists MUST HAVES

Ashley McIntyre —

Now that you’ve begun your lash career, or maybe you’re a seasoned professional, it can be overwhelming navigating through the variety of lash supplies and extras you can...

Can You Wear Mascara with Lash Extensions?

Courtney Buhler —

Can you wear mascara with lash extensions? We explain the facts you need to know to ensure your extensions look long, beautiful, and luscious.

LashPRO Journal Guest Blog: Allergic Reactions vs Irritations

Lindsay Jamieson —

After spending time on lash forums I have seen many questions and comments from clients about experiences with swollen, itchy, red, dry, and watery eyes! While it is...

Let's talk about FALL SHED

Megana Ramaswami —

Fall is officially here — and that means the dreaded fall shed is too. On average, people will lose between 1 and 5 lashes every day because, at...

Lash Extension Myths BUSTED!

Courtney Buhler —

Courtney Buhler is someone who has not only made an incredible living in the lash industry, but has helped thousands upon thousands of women feel their best with lash extensions, so...

Lash Care: Winter Edition

Megana Ramaswami —

Falling temperatures and humidity levels wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and even our lashes. Dry skin and hair can disrupt the lash growth cycle, causing lashes to shed...

The Best Concealers for Lash Extensions

Ashley McIntyre —

You’ve been taking painstaking care of your lashes—cleansing them every day, sleeping with a silk pillow case, and going for regular fills—but you’re losing more lashes than you...

3 Ways to Avoid Curl-tastrophies by Guest Editor Tamra Hami

Ashley McIntyre —

Curltastrophy: a lash artist’s immediate regret at curl choice in their lash set—Yep, it’s a thing. Have you ever found yourself questioning your styling and application once your...

Can you apply falsies over lash extensions?

Ashley McIntyre —

As a safe and sustainable lash service, lash extensions have converted many falsie-wearers to the good news of everlasting fullness—well, as long as they get their fills. Not...

Eyelid Hygiene Tips for Blepharitis

Ashley McIntyre —

  The eyelid does more than just blink. It helps spread tears across the eyeball and prevents infection and scarring by covering and protecting the cornea. Some chronic...