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Tips, Tricks, and ALL the Treats: Halloween 2018

Is there a holiday more beloved by beauty junkies than Halloween? With the chance to use your skills to transform yourself into everything from a unicorn, to a vampire, to a member of the undead, no other day gives you a chance to slay like Halloween.

But you’re no regular beauty junkie — you’re a lash pro! And we’re gonna give you the tricks to treat yourself to a lash-centred, volume-worthy costume transformation.

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On Halloween, coloured lashes are your best friend — and the ticket to a wild night out. Sadie, our resident Vancouver LashPRO Academy Educator, Sadie, shows us how it’s done! Using Sugarlash PRO’s Black-Red Ombre Mixed Mini Tray, Sadie turned the volume to eleven on those lashes, throwing down bodacious colour for a bold lash look that would suit a variety of costumes. Sultry devil, anyone?


IG: @lacunalashes

There’s a reason the mermaid costume is a staple of beauty insiders — look how creative the makeup gets! Burnaby’s Andrea Ramirez Santos uses pink glitter, lilac and rose eyeshadows, and purple sequins to create the base of this glam look. You can then combine Sugarlash PRO’s aptly-named Fairy Tale No. 09 lashes with our Pink Mixed Mini Tray for the perfect ethereal finish. Don’t forget to hold it all down with our crowd-favourite Naked Bond adhesive!

IG: @lacunalashes

She might have been quick to anger, but Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts was adored by her fans. And we think her over-the-top, gorgeous crimson style might have had something to do with it. It has us seeing red — in a good way! By creating volume fans from our Cherry Red Mixed Mini Tray, and applying them using Naked Bond underneath the natural lash, you’ll create a solid red lash when your Queen of Hearts looks up, putting you at the top of any deck of cards. 

IG: @lacunalashes

From Narnia’s White Witch, to the fabled Snow Queen, no ice princess is complete without a full set of frosty lashes. The icy effect relies on dewy white makeup, included shimmering cheeks, frosted lips and eyebrows, and — most importantly — snow white lashes. Complete this glistening look with a volume lash set created using Sugarlash PRO’s White Mixed Mini Tray, and top with a crystal crown and white feather choker.

IG: @lashlikha

Nothing's screams Halloween more than the classic skeleton. It's time this crowd favourite got a stylish, refined re-do courtesy of a stunning Mega Volume set! These lashes really pop when combined with some eerie white fashion contact lenses and skeleton makeup for the nose, mouth and jawline. Charity from Toronto's Lash Likha used Sugarlash PRO's C-Curl Silk Lashes (0.05, 7-12 mm) and — you guessed it! — the Naked Bond adhesive to achieve this striking look.

Our advice for Halloween? Get creative, think outside the usual lash boundaries, and show off your festive side by getting into character this spooky season.

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Live Training is HERE
Live Training is HERE