We're Done With 2020.

We're Done With 2020.

We’re saying goodbye to 2020 - NOW! And we’re doing it with the biggest announcement we’ve ever made.

We all started 2020, with big plans and even bigger intentions. Then things got weird - really quickly. We pivoted, adjusted, and were flexible as we all slowly started to accept our “new normal”. We said goodbye to some plans, and made some new ones… but guess what SLP Squad?! 

Sugarlash PRO HAS BIG, BIG PLANS FOR 2021!

Over the last seven years we have created not only a lash brand, we created a community of elite-level lash artists from around the globe. From Canada, the US, and Mexico, to England, France, and Netherlands, all the way to Taiwan, and Australia. We are so proud of the SLP Squad, and we want to push ourselves to do more for you. Because, quite frankly, you deserve it! 

Get ready for the next chapter - because it’s BIG. But before we can get there, we need to make some space for it! We’re embracing the season and starting Black Friday a little early this year. We need space, and you need product. 

Introducing our once in a lifetime sale - THE SLP BLOW OUT SALE!

Almost everything in our collection will be on sale, for up to 60% OFF. Some of your favourites will not be returning next year, so now is your ONLY chance to get them at an amazing price, before they are gone for good. We won’t be restocking anything so you need to jump on this fast. 

Stay tuned as we slowly reveal what we have in store for you, but in the meantime stock-up while you can!

With love,  


Courtney Buhler, Founder and CEO of Sugarlash PRO


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