Executing the Perfect Lash Lift

Executing the Perfect Lash Lift

Written by: Vannie

Believe it or not, lash lifts have been around for decades but have only gained increasing popularity since the peak of the lash industry. A simple yet impactful service, lash lifting requires detailed execution and a strong knowledge base. Set yourself up for success for all lash lifts with these simple tips!

Aside from proper training from a reputable academy, here are some tips and reminders to ensure you get the best and most predictable results:

  1. Sharp Assessment. Before even touching your client’s lashes, you must determine the lashes’ characteristics. This will influence what shield size you use and for how long you process the solutions.
  1. Shield Placement. Be sure to align the base of the shield with the lash line as neatly as possible. Gently pull the lid up if necessary as you lay the shield down for perfect alignment. Use tape if needed to hold the skin in place as you lay and secure the shield. Any space between the shield’s base and the lash line will not mold the lashes to lift accurately.
  1. Immaculate Lamination. This is the key step to a clean and polished lift. Simplify the entire process by taking the time to laminate each lash taut and upright from the base to the tips. Aim to set all lashes in a 90º angle from the base, each lash parallel to each other and their tips pointing towards you. You may use your lash pick’s tip as a guide to angle each lash accurately. Avoid lifting the baby lashes if any as they are in an active growth stage and will grow out with a kinked tip if laminated. 
  1. Solution Placement. Generously saturate the bottom half of the lashes with your perming solution. Verify that the solution is levelled across the shield. Get as close to the lash line as you can without touching it to ensure the bases mold to the shield. Lashes that are not saturated at the base will likely not lift, rendering this step ineffective. Apply the same technique for the setting solution.
  1. Safe Processing Approach. Rule of thumb in the lash lifting world is to never, ever over process the lashes. Always approach the processing times in a safe manner. Start with the minimum amount of time recommended for the lashes’ thickness. Add 30 seconds to 1 minute if needed – use your professional judgement. 
  1. Clean, Hydrate and Seal. Get your lash lift camera ready by thoroughly wiping off all residue from the lash lift (adhesive, tint, etc.). Hydrate the lashes with your lash humectant of choice, and seal it with hydrating oil. This will thicken and darken the lashes. 

Give your lashes a final comb through and you’re done! Remember to take time for each step, there is no need to rush through. Happy lash lifting!



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