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How Custom Lash Beds Can Level Up Your Business

Courtney Buhler —

Looking to make your work more comfortable and your client experience more luxe? It’s all in custom lash beds. Having a lash business is the best of both...

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

Courtney Buhler —

A style-savvy fashionista like you will do anything to step forward on your best foot, or should we say, on your best eyelashes. And one way to do...

Executing the Perfect Lash Lift

Website Admin —

Believe it or not, lash lifts have been around for decades but have only gained increasing popularity since the peak of the lash industry. Set yourself up for...

Can You Wear Mascara With a Lash Lift?

Courtney Buhler —

Have long and dark lashes, but cursed with them being tragically straight? Sometimes no amount of mascara and eyelash curlers can help give them a long-lasting lift. 

How to Start a Lash Business From Home

Courtney Buhler —

Combine your passion for beauty and business with your own lash business. We explain how to start a lash business from home

How to Start a Lash Business

Courtney Buhler —

If you have an eye for beauty and a savvy business sense, then you can't miss this step-by-step guide on how to start a lash business.

Introducing The Lash Lift Collective

Courtney Buhler —

Introducing The Lash Lift Collective from Sugarlash Pro. I’d refer to this course as an upgrade but that would be a big understatement. With 16 modules, a 52-page...

Let's Talk Bad Lash Clients

Lindsay Jamieson —

Unfortunately, in our industry when it comes to meeting and working with clients each day, you are bound to come across some that are difficult - to say...

LashPRO Journal Guest Blog: Fashion for Lash Artists

Lindsay Jamieson —

There are a couple ways to ensure you make a great first impression. Make sure your working environment is clean and welcoming, greeting your client with enthusiasm and...

Introducing Our New Educators

Lindsay Jamieson —

We would like to welcome four new Sugarlash PRO™ Educators to our team! They have joined our growing team of SLP Educators, each bringing with them a diverse set...