Eyelash Extensions on Asian Eyes

Eyelash Extensions on Asian Eyes

For many people, eyelash extensions become not only a literal extension of their lashes but also an extension of their personalities. Having a luxe set of lashes can make anyone feel like they are walking their own personal runway every single day. We are starting to see lash extensions everywhere we go.

With eyelash culture becoming mainstream, what does it mean if you feel as though lash extensions won’t really work for you?  

That is the reality for many Asians and Asian Americans. We are here to reassure you and your clients that eyelash extensions are absolutely for everyone! You can make them work for any eye shape as long as you have the knowledge and tools to pull it off.

What Is Meant By “Asian Eyes?”

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge that all Asians do not have the same eyes.

In the United States, for example, there are six origin groups that compose 85% of all Asian Americans as of 2019: Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. Though these are the most prevalent Asian American ethnicities in the US, the continent of Asia is so vast that there are so many others included such as Hmong, Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, Pakistani, and South/East Asians.

All of these Asian ethnicities have differences in appearance, including eye shape and size.

As a lash professional, it is important for you to recognize and understand that there are so many different ethnic groups and that they do not all look the same. This cultural responsiveness will go a long way in your modern-minded business. 

It is equally important, if not more so, to understand the cultural baggage that comes along with the stereotypical Asian eye shape. For many Asians, especially those living abroad or in predominantly white countries, the shape of their eyes can be a sensitive subject. 

We want to celebrate all cultures and all eye shapes! In this article, you will learn about the best eyelash extensions for the various Asian eye shapes and types.

Eyelash Extensions Are for Everyone!

Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning: eyelashes are for every person regardless of age, ethnicity, race, sex, or gender. Anyone can rock a set of fierce lash extensions, and often they just need the confidence to try. That’s where you come in.

If you have the knowledge to present the information to your clients in a way that makes them feel confident that they will get the results that they want, you will have made a customer for life.

Many of our Asian clientele may feel apprehensive about getting lash extensions, or may even have had poor results in the past from other lash technicians. You can prove to them that lash extensions WILL work for them. If you want to elevate your technique and learn more about how to assess face shapes, bone structure, and eye types, check out this master class

Monolids vs. Double Eyelids

A common challenge that lash artists will face when it comes to extensions for Asian eyes is hooded eyelids. Many Asian eyes (but not all) have hooded lids which makes it necessary to take a different approach when applying lashes. 


A monolid, also known as an epicanthic fold, is a skin fold on the upper eyelid that makes it look like there is no visible crease line beneath the brow area. When people are referring to hooded eyelids, they typically mean “monolid.”

This type of eye can create challenges when it comes to applying makeup, or in our case, when applying lash extensions. 

Double Eyelids

Double eyelids might sound like a rare condition, but this is not the case at all. In fact, although monolids are typically associated with people of Asian descent, double eyelids are actually more common than you may think. In East and Southeast Asian women, about half are born without an eyelid crease, while the other half have double eyelids.

The double eyelid is often upheld as a beauty standard, but lash artists can change this perspective by offering beautifully aesthetic options to those with monolids.

The Best Types of Lash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

For hooded eyes, the best lashes to use are M curl lashes with a lot of lift. Because of their base and curl, these lashes shoot out from under the lid, lift the lash line, and add to the appearance of bright, fresh eyes. 

When it comes to monolids, the more lift the better! Asian hair, in general, tends to be very straight, and the eyelashes are no exception. In fact, many Asian people (and just those with very straight hair) have lashes that actually point somewhat downward.

It’s also a good idea when placing the lashes to place the longest lengths on the mid to outer eye. Eyelashes that fan out to the corners rather than straight up in the middle of the eye tend to create a more dramatic look for hooded eyes and elongate them.

Common Asian Eye Shapes

It is not as simple as eyes being either a monolid or double lid. As we all know, different eye shapes require different approaches and different lash placement. Here are some of the most common eye shapes for Asian eyes, and the type of lash extensions that look best for them.

  • The Almond Eye: The almond eye shape is fairly common and the most preferred shape for many Asian clients. Of course, we all know that all shapes are beautiful, but many Asian clients who do not have almond eyes are hoping to make their eyes look more like this with their lashes. For an almond eye shape, natural lash extensions look the best, with consistent length along the eyelids. The focus should be to add volume and length for the extra presence.

  • The Phoenix Eye: The phoenix-shaped eye is slightly upturned, with a medium lid crease. Phoenix eyes are a bit elongated and do well with natural or doll eye extensions. This type of eye shape can handle a high-impact lash.

  • Round Eyes: Round eyes are more circular, with more of the whites of the eyes showing. Because these eyes look bigger, they give the impression of being more alert. Be careful not to add too much drama, as those with round eyes can end up looking surprised. Cat-eye extensions are a solid choice for round eyes.
  • Triangular Eyes: Triangular eyes are often seen in older clients, as the outer eye area sometimes begins to sag. Counterintuitively, you don’t want to choose an extremely dramatic lash. This will further emphasize the triangular shape. Instead, go for a natural lash extension and enhance the current shape of the eye.

  • Downturned Eyes: This eye shape droops slightly on the outer corners. For this type of eye, choose an extension with a longer length and emphasis on the outer corners of the eye. This will open up and lift the appearance of the outer corners of the eye.

  • Upturned Eyes: The opposite of the downturned eye, this eye shape has outer corners that are tilted up. The best way to accentuate this eye type is to add more volume at the center of the eyes, pulling the attention there. This will open up the eye rather than add lift at the outer corners.

  • Long and Narrow Monolids: This might be the most difficult eye shape to style. Long and narrow monolids make the eyes look smaller. There is also not a visible eyelid crease. An open eye set of extensions can aid in making the eye look bigger. Give more volume and length in the center of the eye with symmetrically tapered sides.

All in All

When assisting Asian clients in procuring the eyelashes they desire, it’s important to consider the cultural implications of the lashes as well as the aesthetics. Caucasian beauty standards do not need to guide all eyelash procedures, and we should be careful not to suggest as much.

Many Asian clients may have been working through their own personal and deep-rooted feelings about their eyes and lashes for their entire lives, and they need to know that you are here to help while also honoring their feelings and individual desires. Always remember to be tactful when doing consultations and listen to your clients to understand the look that they are going for.

Ultimately, with an understanding of how to best serve your clients (regardless of ethnicity), you will be able to help make lash dreams come true! After all, men and women, regardless of age, race, or ethnicity, should all have the opportunity to feel confident and comfortable in their skin. 



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