CC-Curl Plush Lashes (Mixed Trays)

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Tray Size

Want lashes that look so natural someone might think they're yours? Plush are the perfect fit. 

  • Black Faux Mink: Mimics the soft texture of Mink Lashes. 
  • Semi-Matte: For the most natural finish.
  • Steep Taper: Gives a soft, fluttery look to your lashes.

Get soft lashes, every time.

  • Premium quality PBT fibres
  • Semi-Matte Black Finish
  • Available in Mixed and Single Length


What's in a Mixed Length Tray:

LARGE: 8 lines of 13mm, 6 lines of 14mm, 3 lines of 15mm, 3 lines of 16mm

FULL: 1 line of 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 14mm, 15mm and 16mm, 2 lines of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 13mm, 3 lines of 11mm and 12mm

Save with Bundles
One open and one closed tray of Plush eyelash extensions.
A strip of Plush eyelash extensions against a white background.
A close up of an open Plush eyelash extensions tray.
A close up of a model's eye with Plush eyelash extensions applied.
A model holding an open tray of Plush eyelash extensions.
One open and one closed tray of Plush eyelash extensions stacked up.
A close up of neatly stacked rows of eyelash extensions.
A closed tray of Plush Lashes for eyelash extensions.

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