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Skinny Brows are trending in — how will lashes follow?

Courtney Buhler —

We have been (hesitantly) watching as skinny brows slowly creep back into editorials around the globe, and although the Sugarlash PRO team isn’t QUITE ready to jump on...

5 Reasons You're Not Getting Featured on Socials by Your Favourite Lash Brand

Courtney Buhler —

Here's a look at how Sugarlash PRO chooses artists to shine the spotlight on. The top 5 reasons you're not getting featured (yet!)

Tips for Styling Model Lashes

Courtney Buhler —

Having the right model is essential for any lash shoot. But what exactly makes a good lash model? And how can you style their lashes to best complement...

Your First Campaign Shoot

Courtney Buhler —

As a lash artist, you may want to do a professional photoshoot for a beauty campaign for content for web, social, or other use within your business. This...

Client Love!

Alycia Benson —

Here are 5 tips to creating a memorable client experience whether you’re home based or salon based!

Tips in hiring your first employee

Mandy Beach —

Making the decision to expand and grow your business is not something that should be taken lightly but if you find yourself burning out and overworked it might...

LashPRO TV 12 | Capping

Megana Ramaswami —

It may seem counter-intuitive to add additional lash extensions to a natural lash that already has an extensions, but if done correctly, capping is a safe and easy...

LashPRO TV 11 | Next Level Lashing: Volume

Megana Ramaswami —

When it comes to lashes, more is MORE. LashPRO Educator Debbie shows us how to create the ultra-popular Volume sets clients clamour for. Learn to put together fans...

LashPRO TV 10 | Back to Basics: Classic Lashing

Megana Ramaswami —

We’re getting back to the basics with CLASSIC. Classic lashing is the original lash technique, where one extension is placed on one natural eyelash. LashPRO Educator — and all-round...

LashPRO TV 09 | How to Deal With a Negative Review

Ashley McIntyre —

Every company gets a one-star review sooner or later—but it doesn't have to ruin your day! Learn from CEO and founder of Sugarlash PRO, Courtney Buhler, how to...