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The Classic Course

starts at $375.00 USD

Let’s start with the basics. The Classic Course lays the foundation in skills and knowledge to build a thriving lash career. All aspects of theory, application and styling are covered in 32 comprehensive video modules, giving you the confidence to produce lash excellence.

The Brow Lamination Course

starts at $195.00 USD

Master the newest beauty trend - Brow Lamination!  Learn to LIFT, SET and NOURISH and customize your client's brow lamination by using a combination of add-on products and procedures to ensure you stand out in your market. 

The Lash Lift Collective Course

starts at $225.00 USD

Push industry limits of what a lash lift can be. We believe that lash lifting is anything but basic. Learn to customize your client's lift by using a combination of add-on products and procedures to ensure you stand out in your market. This is a triple certification program: Lash Lift + Lower Lift + Tint, Plump and Glaze.

The Volume Course

starts at $375.00 USD

Level up your skills, and give your clients the bold lashes they’re waiting for. Our online Volume course takes you through every big, fluffy step with confidence and creativity. If you’re looking to make the transition from classic lashing to more advanced techniques, start here.

The Mega Volume Course

starts at $375.00 USD

Drop jaws to the floor with fans upon fans of big, badass lashes. For talent without limits and clients that want more, Mega Volume delivers. Take yourself to an elite level of lash artistry with perfect Mega Volume sets every single time.

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Our video modules follow the same meticulously developed curriculum and manual that our private and salon training does. Let our team help you navigate where to start!