Halloween Looks as Lash Maps

Halloween Looks as Lash Maps

Halloween is just around the corner and what better time to show off your creativity and self-expression than Halloween weekend? Whether you're channeling your inner Barbie, embracing your inner Taylor Swift, transforming into Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid," embodying Sari from the film "Cocaine Bear," channeling Beyoncé's fierce energy, or embracing the dark elegance of Wednesday Addams, one thing remains constant: your lashes can elevate your costume to a whole new level. In this blog post, we'll explore how lash extensions can enhance and complete your Halloween look for these iconic costumes.

Barbie: A Doll with Lashes to Envy

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party! Transforming into Barbie is a childhood dream come true for many. Her signature look includes long, voluminous lashes with a soft curl. To achieve this iconic look, opt for lash extensions that are long and fluttery. Opt for a lash extension look featuring a universally flattering C-Curl, a delicate range in diameter for understated volume, and a use of varying lengths and a slightly off center emphasis area create a doll-eye effect. A natural sweep focuses on creating that wide-eyed effect without looking overly heavy. This lash style will bring a subtle touch of glamour to your eyes, mirroring the enduring grace and timeless appeal of the beloved Malibu babe. These lashes will frame your eyes beautifully and draw attention to your doll-like features. For more Barbie-inspired lash maps, check out our Instagram! It’s all about mastering the doll-eyes that will have everyone admiring your Barbie-perfect eyes all night long! 

Taylor Swift: Alluring Lashes for Swifties

Emulating Taylor Swift is a popular choice for Halloween. Whether you’re rewearing your Eras tour (or Eras movie) outfit, or embodying the global sensation herself, one thing is for sure: her iconic cat-eye is a must! Her classic beauty is enhanced by her signature winged liner and long lashes. To mimic this effect with lash extensions, consider using an M-curl or L-curl lash that copies a cat-eye effect to get that perfect winged liner look without any makeup at all! We suggest using layers of varying lengths that all line up to create the illusion of flawless eyeliner. These lashes will emphasize your eyes and capture the essence of Taylor's staple look. And the best part? They never go out of style - so you can rock your winged liner effect lashes as your own signature style long after the weekend is done.

Ariel: Under the Sea Beauty

Ok, we’re still not over 2023’s iteration of Ariel. Siren eyes have taken over social media and it’s been a popular TikTok trend long before Halle Bailey’s iconic performance under the sea. For those who wish to transform into the enchanting Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," check out our Siren eyes lash map on our Instagram feed! We recommend layering a mix of C-Curl lashes at the outer corner and then taper down to a B-Curl at the inner corners while transitioning to a B-Curl in the mid section. Check out our Plush lashes to get the perfect siren eye effect and mes-mer-eyes (see what we did there) the crowd with your captivating eyes! 

Sari from "Cocaine Bear": A 1980s Lash Extravaganza

To emulate Keri Russell’s character, Sari, from the 2023 horror-drama, “Cocaine Bear” we recommend going with a classic lash look - after all, Sari is a mom set in the 1980s, and while the 80s might be renowned for loud looks, Sari keeps it natural. We've taken a careful approach to enhance the actress's natural beauty and add a dash of allure to her eyes. For this character, we recommend a soft yet elegant C-Curl, lending the eyes a subtle lift. Using our Flat lashes for this classic set strikes a balance between a natural appearance and some added volume. Combined with the smallest diameter for the inner corners to brighten and awaken the eyes, increasing through the middle section to provide length, creating an emphasis area with the longest lashes, and tapering down at the outer corner for a touch of drama for Halloween. Use varying diameters to keep the natural glam look consistent throughout the lashes without overpowering your client’s eyes and natural beauty.

Beyoncé: Channeling Queen Bey's Power

With Queen Bey’s Renaissance World Tour wrapping up and breaking records, we had to include a lash look perfect for anyone looking to recreate her quintessential glam looks. Dressing up as the fierce and fabulous Beyoncé is a statement in itself. Achieving a show-stopping lash extension look inspired by Beyoncé's iconic allure is all about embracing the D-Curl for those captivating, lifted eyes. Opt for ultra-thin lashes to maximize the drama, and go for the grandeur with long lashes. A full volume feathered lash with multiple focus points will give a show stopping effect even Beyoncé herself would envy.  This combination promises a bold, glamorous, and fiercely confident gaze, whether you're stepping onto the stage or simply aiming to channel your inner Queen Bey in everyday life. With this lash map, you're set to shine as bright as a superstar, much like the legendary diva herself. Cause after all, who run the world? You!

Bonus idea: Grab your fellow Swiftie bestie and embrace the viral pic of Taylor and Beyonce at the world premiere of the Eras Tour Movie earlier this month! 

Wednesday Addams: Dark Elegance in Every Blink

When it comes to creating a lash extension look inspired by the enigmatic character of Wednesday Addams, as portrayed by the talented Jenna Ortega, we want to capture that signature dark and mysterious charm. To achieve this, we recommend a lash design that enhances the character's gothic appeal while maintaining a sense of elegance. For Wednesday, a volume set D-Curl lash will help emphasize her captivating and enigmatic gaze. Opt for a slightly wider diameter to add just the right amount of volume without being overly dramatic. In terms of lengths, go for long lashes to ensure a balance between subtlety and impact. Place these lashes in a doll-like fashion along the lash line, creating a dark and alluring frame for the eyes. This lash extension design is the perfect complement to Jenna Ortega's portrayal of the iconic Wednesday Addams, adding a touch of mystique to her character's already captivating persona.


In the world of high-end lash extensions, we've explored the artistry and possibilities that these tiny, yet transformative details can bring to your overall look. It's not just about lashes; it's about confidence, self-expression, and a touch of glamour that we can all embrace. We've discussed styles, lengths, curls, and the magic of lash extensions, all of which offer you a canvas to express your unique beauty. As you continue to embark on your lash journey, remember that these extensions aren't merely fibers attached to eyelids; they're a form of self-expression, a boost in confidence, and an invitation to embrace one’s inner beauty. We invite you to explore, experiment, and enjoy the journey, not because you have to, but because your clients trust you and they deserve to feel beautiful and confident from the moment they walk through your door, to long after they leave. So, consider giving these lash styles a try this spooky season, and we’re happy to be your partner in revealing your client’s beauty, one lash at a time.

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