How To Build Clientele in 10 Steps

How To Build Clientele in 10 Steps

So you’ve decided that you are going to build your own lash business. Good for you! Welcome to one of the most rewarding and fun careers out there. You get to spend every day making people happy, handsome, and beautiful. Now you’ve just got to find those people.

Building up a consistent client base is one of the most important things you can do as you get your business going. We are going to give you some tips on how to get a good set of reliable clients, and how to keep recruiting new ones.

Some people don’t realize that there is more to running a lash business than just being an amazing esthetician or cosmetologist. Although that is the best starting point, you also need to know about the business side of things. No one will get to experience your amazing work if they don’t know about you. 

Here are ten easy steps for building clientele.

#1: Define Your Target Audience

You may already have some clients on the books, but chances are if you want to keep your business going long term, you will need to do some research.

You must first research your target demographic before learning how to establish a clientele. Determine which demographic group they belong to and what they value and consider essential. 

Knowing your audience is going to be vital for so many reasons. It will guide you in creating the atmosphere you want in your salon, selecting the products you want to carry, and marketing to the right people. 

Most lash professionals will immediately write off men as being part of their target demographic, but this is worth reconsidering. While it’s possible that you may have a majority of female clients, it would be silly to ignore half of the population. As you are thinking about your target audience, keep an open mind.

#2: Know What Makes You Unique

Chances are, you will not be the only lash game in town. If you are, you will still need to have something unique to offer because historically speaking, people have always been willing to travel for something worthwhile. 

You have a high chance of standing out if you can demonstrate that you deliver superior service or have unique offerings. Perhaps you offer not only lash extensions, but also henna brow tinting. Maybe you have similar services as other nearby salons, but you have an online booking system that makes appointments a breeze for the customer. 

Whatever it is, you need to know what your unique offering will be. That is what you will capitalize on when you are considering your marketing strategies. 

#3: Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media can be a double-edged sword. Sure, your prospective clients can easily find you and get all the information they need to know about your business, but they can also now easily find the twelve other lash pros within a 10-mile radius. Again, this is where it’s important to stand out.

One way to do this is to tell the story of your life and your business. The expression of yourself on Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok is one of the most inventive strategies to grow your clientele. Open, honest expression attracts clients and helps you establish a loyal following. 

People nowadays want to feel a sense of belonging and connection. They want to feel like they know you, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and talk about your philosophies, your ambitions, and your goals. 

Share info about the training you attended or the new sign you just put up in front of your brick and mortar. Show your passion for your work, while letting your clients see a sneak peek of your personality, and you’re sure to shine!

#4: Be a Part of the Community

It’s true what they say: no man is an island. The old adage also applies to women, lash artists, and businesses. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting involved in the community in which you have set up your business.

This will look different for everyone, depending on the type of community that you are a part of. You can do things like attending events on a regular basis, meet individuals for coffee to get to know them, and serve on boards and committees to contribute your expertise.

If the opportunity arises, consider doing volunteer work or donating your services to a worthwhile cause within your community. The investment will pay off in the long run! 

#5: Encourage Customer Referrals

Even in this technological age of the internet and social media, there’s nothing more worthwhile than good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing! Referrals allow your business to expand its customer base with little effort and minimal financial costs.

For this reason, it is so worth it to implement some sort of referral incentive program. For example, you may want to consider offering a “Refer a Friend” discount that gives the client a certain and their referred friend a 10% (for example) discount off of their next service. 

#6: Don’t Be Afraid To Run Promotions

Speaking of discounts, it’s a great idea to run promotions and to regularly switch them up. Many salons like to do this seasonally. Clients love looking online to see if their favorite businesses are offering any specials, and doing this in a smart way can set you apart from the rest.

Seasonal promotions are great because they will keep customers coming back to your social media or website to see what new specials you are running. They also create a sense of urgency because customers know that your specials are only up for a month or two. 

#7: Get New Clients Through Your Personal Activities

Remember when we said you should make an effort to be a part of your community? Well, chances are you are already doing that in your personal life. Do you attend a yoga class? Go to the supermarket? Take your kids to soccer practice? Hang out at the local watering hole? 

Any activity you are doing is a great chance to talk about your business. After all, this is your passion! It makes sense to want to talk about it and share your passion with those around you. 

The real bonus here is that the people you are talking to about your business are those who already know you. It’s likely that they want to support you in all your endeavors. This is how to build a reliable and loyal client base: find clients who have a reason to choose you over someone else. 

#8: Utilize Ratings and Reviews To Build Clientele

Before making a purchase, consumers typically like to take a look at product and business review sites. Getting your salon listed on Yelp and other similar review sites is critical for attracting new customers.

If you have your own website, you could consider having a tab that links to reviews, or even a review section on your site. 

Of course, you can never make everyone happy every time. If you happen to get a negative review, make sure to respond professionally and take accountability where it is due. Customers appreciate that no one is perfect, and respond well to professional discourse over defensive responses. 

#9: Showcase Your Expertise

For a highly specialized skill like lash extensions, potential clients want to know that they are working with someone who is an expert in their field. Establish yourself as that expert! 

In most cases, for lash extensionslash lifts, or similar services, customers are willing to invest more to get a better result. Because you are dealing with the sensitive eye area, people really want to be sure that they are going to someone who knows their stuff.

You can position yourself as an expert by outwardly stating that you are! This might sound a little silly, but consider the wording on your website or Facebook page. You could write something like:

“_____________ and her fellow lash artists are classic extension experts, best known for creating looks that are simultaneously natural-looking and dramatic. All have undergone extensive lash pro training, and take their artistry very seriously.” 

Another way to showcase your expertise is by getting yourself quoted in a respected blog or website within the industry. Reach out and make connections!

#10: Keep the Clients You Have

This is an obvious one, but the most important part of building clientele is maintaining your current client load. Make sure that you put your money where your mouth is. If you are touting your services in yoga class, advertising yourself on social media, and telling everyone who will listen how amazing you are, you want to be able to deliver.

Maintain your high-quality standards, keep learning, and continue to build relationships with your clients. Competition is fierce, and you can’t afford to lose your current clients.

The Takeaway

It’s not easy to build a large client base. It will take hard work, determination, and a willingness to try out a few new things. However, front-loading this work will pay off in the long run. These steps will ensure your business’s longevity in the lash world. 



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