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How Tennessee's New Regulations Could Impact The Beauty Industry

Alycia Benson —

In a significant move to prioritize safety and professionalism within the beauty industry, the *Tennessee legislature recently adopted House Bill 103 (HB 103) on May 3, 2023. This...

The Amazon Effect: SugarlashPRO's Strategy to Overcome One-Day Prime Shipping

Alycia Benson —

Shipping has been a major conversation in the e-commerce space, and lash extensions and the beauty industry are experiencing higher than ever demands for quicker shipping. But what...

VOLXFANS by the numbers

Courtney Buhler —

There’s a new tool in town, and they’re all about efficiency in your business — shaving down appointment times and maximizing your dollar per hour rates!   Introducing...

Live Training is HERE

Megana Ramaswami —

Whether you’re a longtime #sugarlashsquad member or are new to High Lash Society, you’ll know that a lot of our lash community-building, industry inspo, and momentous news announcements...

Train the Trainer 2018

Megana Ramaswami —

The lash experts descended on Alberta for LashPRO Academy’s Train the Trainer event! We spent five days with these nine gorgeous gals as they were put through their...

4 reasons you should study online

Ashley McIntyre —

With the convenience of fitting into your already busy work schedule, and the added bonus of an education that starts (and ends!) in your favourite comfy chair, online...