The Mega Volume Course

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The Mega Volume Course continues to build on advanced volume lashing skills learned in The Volume Course. For artists that want to push their skills to the maximum level, incorporating Mega Volume into your repertoire is the perfect next step. Continue to offer even more customization and innovative styes with the skills learned in this course.

Students can expect a comprehensive curriculum that covers: Mega Volume Theory, looking for signs of stress, pre-made vs. hand-made fans, fan widths, application priorities and extensive lash styling skills. Focal points of this course include Mega Volume application techniques and how to lash in layers. Using these skills in combination with those learned in Classic and Volume will give you everything you need to perfect your craft.

Model wearing Mega Volume Lash Extensions.


  • Developed by professional artists
  • Taught by skilled educators
  • Lifetime access to your Sugarlash PRO courses
  • Start up documents like client waivers and file sheets are included
  • Certification is provided from Sugarlash PRO after coursework has been assessed by our certification team
Close up of a model with Mega Volume Lash Extenisons.


  • Intro to Mega Volume
  • Lash Traits
  • Pre-made Fans vs. Handmade Fans vs. Clusters
  • Correct Weights
  • Signs of Stress
  • Ideal Mega Volume Fans
  • Fan Widths
  • Mega Volume Fan Pick-up Techniques
  • Pre-making Fans
  • Handmade Fan Application
  • Application Priorities
  • Isolation
  • Bond Types
  • Seamless Bonds
  • Wrapping Fans
  • Lashing in Layers
  • Mega Liner
  • Universal Mega
  • Spiked Mega
  • Perfect Line Mega
  • Soft Mega
  • Full Body Mega
  • Textured Mega
  • Mega Lash Effects


Can I change the name or email associated with the course?

No, once the course has been purchased it will be associated with the purchasing name and email. This is also the name that will appear on the certificate. If you have any concerns please contact our customer service team at

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Course purchases include immediate access to all course material, because of that we do not offer refunds.

Do I need a licence to offer brow services?

Some countries or states require a esthetics, cosmetology or other license to perform lash and brow services. Please check with your local health board to check requirements in your area.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You can become certified at any time after the completion of your online course. In order to access the certification page you need to get an 85% or higher on the online exam.

How do I submit for certification?

Sugarlash PRO stands behind the idea that certification is earned, not purchased. To ensure all Sugarlash PRO certified artist leave their courses feeling supported, confident and ready to implement their skills we have a multi-step certification process.
Step 1: Complete the online course modules and final exam with a minimum of an 85% score to view the certification page
Step 2: Submit certification photos and service details for review. At this point, one of our Sugarlash PRO certification experts will look at your work and provide you with feedback.
Step 3: Download your certificate!

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