Bond Noir Adhesive

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WARNING: Sugarlash PRO Adhesives are sold for Professional Use Only.

Bond Noir is a lash adhesive engineered for our more experienced artists. With a virtually instant 0.5-second dry time, this adhesive is our choice for speed and precision. Bond Noir combines low fumes with an exceptionally strong hold, ensuring your work lasts. Best suited for humidities between 45-55% and temperatures between 19-23 degrees Celsius, it offers unmatched performance.


How to Use Bond Noir
  • To ensure optimal results, change your adhesive drops every 10-15 minutes
  • Shake Bond Noir for 3-5 minutes before use and for 1 minute between adhesive drops.

Storage: Store your adhesive in an airtight container at room temperature. Include a moisture absorbent, such as dry rice or a silica pack. Do not refrigerate.

Save with Bundles
10mL bottle of Bond Noir eyelash extension adhesive
A drop of Bond Noir Adhesive dripping out of the dropper nozzle.
A 5mL and 10mL bottle of Bond Noir lash extension adhesive.
A close up of a model's eye with eyelash extensions applied.
A 10mL bottle of Bond Noir lash extension adhesive with it's reflection showing underneath of the bottle.

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