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Spiked Lash Styling Tips and Tricks

Website Admin —

The “spiky effect” has taken the world by storm over 2 years ago and has made an imprint in the lash industry forever. Exactly, what is it? Spiked...

All About Isolation

Lindsay Jamieson —

Isolation has to be one of the most deceiving and underrated skills in the industry. How many of you as new lash artists have watched YouTube videos or...

An Eyelash Extension History Lesson

Lindsay Jamieson —

Throughout history women have been going to great lengths in the name of fashion and beauty. One of the notable extremes is when English women in the Victoria...

All About That B Curl

Courtney Buhler —

Hello, is it B Curl you’re looking for? Have you been neglecting this curl variety lately? B curl is underused and underestimated for the unique impact it can...

4 Reasons to Use L and L+ Lashes

Megana Ramaswami —

Unfamiliar with L and L+ curls? Nervous about incorporating them into your lash repertoire? Time to push past the doubts and start using them, because these unique curls...

3 Ways to Develop Your Unique Artistry

Megana Ramaswami —

When LashPRO Educator Sadie Welder gets into a classroom, her main goal for every student is to get them feeling confident in themselves and their skills. The reason? She believes...

The difference between mink, silk, & real fur eyelashes

Ashley McIntyre —

If you’re like me, you connect with “Flawless” on a personal level every time you have lash extensions. You relish the extra ten minutes of sleep every morning,...

Can you apply falsies over lash extensions?

Ashley McIntyre —

As a safe and sustainable lash service, lash extensions have converted many falsie-wearers to the good news of everlasting fullness—well, as long as they get their fills. Not...

How to Create Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

Courtney Buhler —

They used to be a reserve of Hollywood and other elite, but today, eyelash extensions are increasingly common. Now the average woman can wake up looking effortlessly chic,...

The History of Eyelash Extensions

Courtney Buhler —

Much of modern fashion and style has a long and interesting history. Makeup, hair care, and beauty enhancements go back centuries and have been a part