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LASHPRO JOURNAL GUEST POST: Mandie Garmon talks elevating your clients' experience

Today's post is brought to you by #sugarlashsquad member Mandie Garmon aka @mindful.lashandbeauty! Mandie's passion is lashes, and she tells us why taking your lash service to the next level is the perfect way to elevate your business — and the rest of the lash industry.

IG: @mindful.lashandbeauty

With the rise of popularity surrounding lash services, it's safe to say that there are two types of lash artists. Those that believe that the lash industry is oversaturated or those that see the rise in popularity as an opportunity to elevate the industry and shine as a service provider.

Elevating the client experience will allow you to stand out as a lash artist to current and potential clients. You will also be contributing to raising the standard of lash services in your community. So what can you do to elevate your client experience?


IG: @mindful.lashandbeauty


First, don't compromise the quality of your art so you can see more clients daily. Instead, charge more, take your time, and create beautiful lash art. Clients will be happier with their service if their lashes are long-lasting and if their natural lashes are protected. I highly encourage you to take time to double-check for stickies and to style their lashes with intention. 

IG: @mindful.lashandbeauty

Make 'em comfy

Now that you are providing a high-quality service, keep your clients as comfortable as possible while they are in your care. Create an environment where they can have the best lash nap they have ever had. Do this by using the Sugarlash PRO's Ergonomic Lash Pillow, a heated table warmer, and a fluffy blanket. Extra pillows for comfort is always a great addition.

IG: @mindful.lashandbeauty

Create a vibe

Keeping your studio space designed with your branding and ideal client in mind is another excellent step to creating an elevated client experience. It is your lash business, so you can choose to play Wiz Khalifa and burn incense or light softly scented candles with listening to Sam Smith. You have the power to create whatever environment you choose (and that's part of what's so amazing about the lash industry) but be sure to keep your ideal client in mind when making these choices. It's important that our clients are comfortable and excited to visit our lash studios.

IG: @mindful.lashandbeauty

Snacks are your secret weapon

We’ve all heard it. It’s completely silent and then we hear a giant growl from our client's stomach. Use this as your sign to offer them a granola bar after their appointment. Try having a coffee bar set up so clients can grab a cup on their way out after an early morning appointment. Or try a candy bar or pastries. Whatever you choose, your clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness. 

IG: @mindful.lashandbeauty

Give them gifts

Lastly, offer complimentary gifts. A handwritten card and a complimentary cleanser (like Lash Pure Cleanser!) with their full sets or at their first visit will not only surprise your client but will also provide them will all the aftercare essentials. 


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